Accessible Music

“Music has so many transferable skills that enable pupils to make progress acrosss all subjects.”

Ms J Gelling, Headteacher

Bank View High School

At a glance

Music changes lives,  and we believe that all young people deserve the very best musical opportunities. 


Music is extremely valuable in providing the tools for young people to develop their personal, social and communication skills whilst enjoying and participating in something really exciting. 

Musicians in School

Immerse your pupils in a world of sound, music and multi-sensory experiences with our trained musicians who will bring extra life to your music curriculum.


Our musicians/tutors will offer hands-on practical music lessons working with individual pupils, small groups or classes (with support). Explore the building blocks of music such as communicating through sound, using music to express feelings and mood, and creating songs and musical soundscapes.

Band-its Project

Teamwork, confidence building and musical understanding are at the heart of these sessions and will inspire young people on their musical journey. 


Our rock and pop musicians will support your school in developing band skills, song writing skills and performance techniques.


Working with National Leaders

Resonate has attracted the investment of a number of national leaders of music in special schools including DaDaFest, Drake Music and Live Music Now. Together we deliver exciting projects and school showcases that impact on hundreds of pupils.


Want to get involved?

We would be happy to come and talk to you about how this provision compliments the school curriculum; or give us a call to discuss further.