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Young DaDa Ensemble


Young DaDa Ensemble

Young DaDa Ensemble is the expansion of a successful pilot scheme to deliver accessible music-based activities to 70 young people from Merseyside over a period of two years. It will present progression routes for aspiring musicians, provide musical role models and help effect organisational change.

The project has two strands, each relating to different levels of musical proficiency, for young people who are disabled, deaf or living with long-term illness or conditions. 

Evolve: weekly workshops for young people aged 11-25 who have some music experience to form a music-making group. The group will meet on Mondays from 4pm to 6pm at Resonate Liverpool's Music Hub during term-time. The young people will decide on the genre and style of music, advised and guided by professional musicians, working towards Arts Awards and a celebratory performance.

Access support and transport will be provided for young people to attend and take part in the workshops.

The project is being delivered with specialist partners (DaDaFest, Drake Music, Live Music Now and Resonate Liverpool's Music Hub) with funding from the Youth Music. The project will develop disabled young people's musical skills, increase self-confidence and future prospects. It will also produce original research into the barriers faced by young disabled musicians' music provision, and will influence the accessibility of music provision across the region.

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