Instrumental and Vocal Provision

"Children's involvement in music enhances opportunities and quality of life, breaks down language barriers and helps children celebrate themselves and their cultures."

(Mr Kirwan, Headteacher St Patrick's RC Primary School)

At A Glance
Annual cost for 1 hour per week £1,368

*Get one hour free when you buy any number of hours.

Included in this cost:

Weekly sessions

Loan of instrument for all students

Minimum 1 hour per week

Instrumental and Vocal Provision
Resonate offers schools a hassle free solution to providing instrumental tuition delivered by trained tutors who are closely monitored using Ofsted criteria.

Which instruments do we offer?
• Electric/Bass/Acoustic Guitar, Drum Kit Woodwind and Recorder
• Voice, Choir
• Brass
• Piano/Keyboard Strings
Pupil progress is monitored through the use of pupil 'Passports' and reports, providing regular communication with parents. Pupils may also wish to be entered for a music exam such as Music Medals, ABRSM grade exams and Rock School examinations.

Playing an instrument, supported by a dedicated and experienced tutor who will nurture pupils' creative talent, is something we are really proud to deliver in Liverpool schools.

My School Band
Playing together in a band is something that young people really enjoy and brings their musical learning alive. My School Band uses our specialist tutors to create the fantastic and enjoyable experience of children playing together. Whether preparing pupils for the next big concert or simply enjoying playing together, pupils will love the experience of making music in a band.

These weekly sessions are available at the same hourly cost as the instrumental/vocal tuition.