Wider Opportunities and Whole Class Ensemble Provision

"Children from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to learn an instrument and to make music with others." 

(DfE - National Plan for Music Education)

At a glance

Weekly sessions

Discounted Charanga subscription (award winning music software) for the entire school.

Discounted tickets for Liverpool Philharmonic Schools' Concerts for all pupils involved in Wider Opportunities.

Loan of instruments for all pupils and teachers involved. Suitable for Years 4, 5 & 6.

Making music together is one of the most exciting activities in which children can be involved. Resonate believe that the best (and most cost effective) approach for young people to begin to learn an instrument is in the safe and secure environment of their usual class group. This is why we invest so heavily in our Wider Opportunities programme.

Children learn in a whole class setting about general musicianship through the medium of your preferred choice of instrument.

We offer provision for:
• Clarineo/Clarinet
• Flute
• Strings
• Ukulele
• Guitar
• Brass
• Recorder

We would be happy to visit you to discuss how this provision can fit into your curriculum. Please contact us and we will take you through the best approach for your individual needs. 

Playing an instrument, supported by a dedicated and experienced tutor who will nurture pupils' creative talent, is something we are really proud to deliver in Liverpool schools. 

Please note that the choice of instrument will be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis. In the event your first choice of instrument is not available an alternative will be suggested.